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Turbo Scratcher Toy

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Turbo Scratcher Toy

This Turbo Scratcher cat Toy provides your cat with hours of fun in a simple design. The textured scratch pad within the center is surrounded by a track containing a small ball.

The scratchpad provides the perfect place for your cat to exercise their claws without damaging your furniture. By chasing the ball around the track, your cat gets great exercise while also utilizing their hunting instincts.

This is especially good for indoor cats. It comes with a bag of catnip, which can be sprinkled onto the central scratchpad for extra stimulation. Your Whiskered Friend will stay entertained for hours with the Turbo Scratcher Toy!

  • It is made with double corrugated paper, this light-weight toy provides the perfect scratching pad.
  • Featuring a close track and a colorful ball offers your cat a great exercise and stimulates their hunting instincts.
  • A cute and fun print features adorable cats in blue, pink, gray and white colors.
  • Available in three shapes: circle, rectangle and hexagon, each with its own uniqueness.

Key Info

  • Made with corrugated paper
  • Close tracks
  • Colorful ball
  • Scratching pads
  • Available in three shapes: circle, rectangle, and hexagon
  • Circle: 25cm diameter
  • Rectangle: 30cm x 20cm
  • Hexagon: 20cm diameter

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