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Training Linen Tug Toy

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Training Linen Tug Toy

This Portable Tug Toy will help you train and encourage your pup to develop good playing behaviors while providing them a good mental and physical exercise.

The tug toy features portable handles that make it great for a tug-of-a-war game to help burn off some of your pets' boundless energy.

Perfect for dogs that are training for Schutzhund or IPO, Ring Sport, Police Dogs and more.

  • The linen's texture of these durable tug toy provides for a firm grip and helps massage the gums of teething puppies.
  • The Linen Tug is an excellent way to introduce your dog to the bite sleeve material!
  • Unwanted behavior can be managed with this toy, encouraging good behavior and focuses on developing protection skills.
  • Turn a tug-of-war game into a training session.

Key Info

  • Made from 100% non-toxic woven linen fabric
  • High-quality materials
  • Available in two sizes to fit all pup's needs
  • S: 22cm- with handler 35cm
  • M: 30cm- with handlers 38cm

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