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Toothbrush Chewing Toy

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Toothbrush Chewing Toy

We know that cleaning your dog’s teeth with a special toothbrush may be a bit of a hassle, particularly when your puppy is stressed out from the teething.

This chew toy for puppies is shaped like a toothbrush helping your pup have healthy gums and teeth while having fun.

Your Furry Friend will have a bright smile and fresh breath without any sort of stress!

  • There are four sides with bristles on the toothbrush for effective cleaning.
  • You can squeeze dog-safe toothpaste inside the toothbrush for an even better effect.
  • The toothbrush toy comes in one universal size, perfect for both small and large puppies. We do not recommend it for aggressive chewers.
  • It also has pads on the bottom so your pup can hold it with their paws while chewing.

Key Info

  • Perfect for small to large puppies
  • Made with high-quality rubber, 100% safe for pets
  • Easy washing for good hygiene
  • Available in four bright colors: blue, turquoise, pink and green; or transparent
  • 12,5 cm X 12.6 cm

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