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LED Collar

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LED Collar

When taking your pup for a walk at the dark time of the day, you need to ensure an extra level of protection for your furry friend.

Our LED Collar is the ideal option: it makes your dog highly visible under low lighting, helping you, other people, and drivers see the pup from a distance.

Enjoy your outdoor time with your pooch with this fun LED Collar!

  • The bright LED light can be seen from far away providing safety for your dogs and pets while out at night.
  • The simple battery system provides 60 to 80 hours of life and can be replaced with two CR2032 batteries.
  • Its waterproof design makes it safe for rainy or snowy days.
  • Its padded interior provides comfort and avoids undesired throat pressure.

Key Info

  • Power Supply: 2 x CR2016 button batteries
  • Power Source: LED Light
  • High-quality nylon
  • Four sizes: S, M, L, and XL
  • Available in six colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Green, and Orange
  • S: Width 2.5cm - Length (35-43) cm
  • M: Width 2.5cm - Length (40-48) cm
  • L: Width 2.5cm - Length (45-52) cm
  • XL: Width 2.5cm - Length (52-60) cm

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