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Inflatable Recovery Cone

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Inflatable Recovery Cone

Help your cat or dog recover peacefully, without shame, with these comfortable recovery cones. Designed for dogs or cats to help them heal from surgeries, rashes or wounds. This recovery collar is soft and comfortable to wear, unlike traditional plastic collars. Best of all, it does not interfere with the peripheral vision of your pet or its ability to eat and drink. Then, your friend can recover without additional discomfort. It is resistant to scratches and bites, which can speed healing, and it's easy to wash in order to avoid infections.

  • This protective collar is designed to help dogs and cats heal from surgeries, injuries and rashes.
  • Comfortable to wear without interfering with peripheral vision or the ability to eat or drink
  • Closes with buttons and is available in 6 sizes so you can choose the right one for your furry friend
  • Scratch- and bite-resistant to expedite the healing process, plus the machine-washable fabric makes your pet's recovery easier on you 
  • Will not mark or scratch your belongings, so you can feel good about using this around the house
  • XS: Neck 16-21 cm; Depth 12cm; Width 29cm
  • S: Neck 20-26cm; Depth 13cm; Width 30cm
  • M: Neck 25-30 cm; Depth 15cm; Width 36cm
  • L: Neck 30-35 cm; Depth 17cm; Width 41cm
  • XL: Neck 33-40 cm; Depth 18cm; Width 44cm
  • XXL: Neck 40-50 cm; Depth 21cm; Width 54cm

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