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Foldable Tunnel Game

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Foldable Tunnel Game This amazing colorful Foldable Tunnel Game is the best all-in-one activity center for cats. Not only does it make funny wrinkle sounds while your cat goes through it, but it is a great indoor activity center for kittens, developing their inner abilities. This play center is perfect for households with more than one cat or kitten. Cats love to run and chase each other through the tunnel and peer through the two observation windows at each end. To add to the fun, there is a toy ball that hangs from the top of the tunnel so they can bat it. When it's time for a nap, kittens can snuggle up and use the tunnel as their own quiet retreat. The lightweight, spring-loaded frame makes it easy to fold and store when game time is over.
  • All-in-one tunnel makes fun crinkling noises as cats play inside
  • Interactive game for all cats
  • Ideal for households with multiple cats 
  • Features two windows and a soft toy ball that hangs down 
  • This tunnel doubles as a quiet and comfy retreat for napping
  • Easy to store and fold flat with a lightweight, spring-loaded frame
  • 25Cm X 115Cm

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