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Cozy Lounger Bed

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Cozy Lounger Bed

When looking for a bed for our pooch we want a perfect combination of comfort and design. The Cozy Lounger dog Bed organizes your pet a warm and cozy relaxing place.

The soft fabric of the cover and the high wide side provide a joint comfort for better health and movement. Your pup will love its soft and warm cover and high-quality filler.

This bed ensures a cozy and comfortable place for your pup to sleep in the cold season!

  • The non-slip and waterproof base holds the bed in place on most interior and exterior surfaces.
  • A fully removable and machine washable zippered cover for better hygiene.
  • Its design offers soft bolsters sides and bases to provide optimal support and comfort of the dog's head, neck, and joints.
  • High-quality materials provide an elegant appearance with high design, comfort, and elegance for your pup.

Key Info

  • Warm synthetic wool 100% cotton padding
  • Removable cover with zipper
  • Machine washable for convenient use
  • Soft raised sides for head and neck comfort
  • Non-slip base
  • Available in three sizes to fit Small, Medium and Large dogs
  • M: 50cm x 40cm x 16cm
  • L: 70cm x 55cm x 17cm
  • XL:  90cm x 70cm x 18cm

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