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"Catch me" Interactive Box

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"Catch me" Interactive Box

Are you looking for an interactive toy for your kitty? This simple looking "Catch me" Interactive Box is designed to keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated.

With different characters that appear when pressing down a pedal, your kitty will surely have hours of fun discovering the different figurines pop up and down.

This toy is not only engaging, but it also helps to encourage your cat’s natural hunting instincts but in a safe environment. Enjoy hours of entertainment with the "Catch me" Interactive cat Toy!

  • This interactive cat toy provides mental and physical stimulation, encouraging natural hunting instincts, keeping your kitty entertained for hours.
  • Made with high-quality wood and pet-safe, high-quality plastic figurines that pop up and down when pressing the pedals.
  • Two designs available, one featuring three figurines, and a bigger one, featuring five figurines.
  • This toy is perfect for encouraging your cat to play independently, or for multiple cats to enjoy playing together.
  • Perfect to play with your cat, push the pedals down and watch your cat catch the figurines.

Key Info

  • High-quality wood and plastic figurines
  • Two sizes: three or five figurines
  • Interactive play
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Small: Width 24 cm, Long 17,5cm, High 10cm
  • Big: Width 35,5 cm, Long 17,5cm, High 10cm

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