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Who we are?

“Making a difference is Now a Choice and our motto”

Loving and being loved is a miracle we witness when we commit ourselves completely and unconditionally to the possibility of giving, to those who need a home, a family. 

And that is who we are, living witnesses to that miracle. We are adopted humans, who want to offer our Furry Friends' in need, the possibility of finding the loving and caring family that is waiting for them with open hearts.

Our Mission

Making a difference is our motto, and now we can all help!

For each product purchased, 10% are donated to a non-profit organization of your choice, giving those who need it most the chance of having a new life, a new family. 

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Our Vision

Each of our furry babies is as unique, as the love we feel for them. What makes us the parents that we are, all the love that we unconditionally give every day, is what we seek to express when creating your PetPlop Unique and Memorable Art Work Design that you choose to help with.

Our #PLOP Values

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To Help Fur Friends in Need. 

PetPlop Love for all our Fur Babies


For all our Fur Babies. 

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It is Always a Good Time to Make a Difference!


 It is Never too Late to Help and Save a Life! 

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Adopt your Fur-ever friend now at Adopt-a-pet.com!

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Petfinder ensures that no adoptable pet lacks of a good home.

Pawsitive animal rescue Vibes can be found at Petfinder, where woofs and purrs fill our hearts with love and joy.

"We’re here to help you every step of the way from “just looking” at over 250,000 adoptable pets, to bringing your pet home, to living a long and happy life with your new family member."

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