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Tire Chewing Toy

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Tire Chewing Toy

It is very fun for a dog to chew, but sometimes unwanted chewing happens and some of our favorite stuff gets destroyed. This Tire Chewing Toy will ensure positive behavior.

It has been designed to be a stimulating and durable toy for your pup, so you can be relaxed when leaving your dog to play on its own.

Not only can be enjoyed indoors, but also outdoors in a fun game of fetch!

  • The materials are both durable and soft, which is ideal for sensitive gums.
  • The tire is made from 100% non-toxic material and can be safely chewed for a long time.
  • It comes in three sizes, which is perfect for making sure the new toy fits your dog.
  • The design offers a perfect grip when chewing on it.

Key Info

  • Made with Non-toxic rubber, 100% pet-safe
  • Easy washing for better hygiene
  • Available in three sizes: S, M, and L
  • S: 9.5cm X 3.5cm
  • M: 15cm X 4.6cm
  • L: 21cm X 5.1cm

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