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Hands-Free Leash

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Hands-Free Leash

If you are an adventure seeker bring your dog along for bike rides and runs without having to hold a bothersome leash!

This elastic leash allows you and your pup to move freely. Simply attach the D-ring wherever you'd like: your bike, your waist or even a stroller.

Our hands-Free Leash is durable, flexible, and protects your dog from harm with bungee cord designs and keep enjoying adventures with your pooch!

  • This high-quality leash is made of tough nylon, making it lightweight, strong and durable, perfect for controlling your dog in almost any situation.
  • The bungee action allows the belt to extend from 37 to 65 cm, giving you more range of action, while also reducing the impact of sudden movement on both your and your Furry Friend.
  • Simply attach it wherever you'd like and enjoy some memorable adventures with your dog.

Key Info

  • High-quality materials
  • Bungee technology
  • Aluminum D-ring and buckle
  • Perfect for adventure or training pups
  • Available in Black, Green, Orange, Red, and Gray
  • Normal length: 37 cm
  • Maximum stretch length: 65cm

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