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Squeaky Tug Toy

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Squeaky Tug Toy

Give your puppy great entertainment with this Squeaky Tug Toy. It has an external knotted rope at the top with minimal padding to give these dolls a flexible feeling for your furry friend to shake. Varied textures attract your pet to play while the multiple squeakers keep their attention. Ideal for a search game, a tug war or night cuddles, is the perfect companion for your buddy.

  • A funny knotted toy that comes in a design of dinosaur, horse and crocodile 
  • It has an outer knotted rope on top with a realistic feeling to satisfy your puppy's natural tug instincts. 
  • Attract your furry friend to play with varied textures.
  • Includes squeakers inside for more fun.
  • 54cm X 25cm

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