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Rolling-Ball Interactive Toy

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Rolling-Ball Interactive Toy

Toys that allow your cat to chase or hunt pretend ‘prey’ will help them use all their senses, allowing them to feel satisfied and happy.

The Rolling-Ball Interactive Toy features two transparent and circular tracks, each featuring a ball, the tracks turn independently, stimulating your cat's instincts.

This engaging toy provides a fun stimulation of your cat’s instincts for hunting and chasing, ramping up his energy and keeping him active.

Hours of entertainment ensured with this high-quality toy, designed to provide both mental and physical stimulation of your kitty. Ready to have fun?

  • This interactive cat toy provides mental and physical stimulation, keeping your kitty entertained for hours.
  • Durable toy consisting of two circular and transparent tracks, each with its own colored ball.
  • The tracks turn 360º independently one from the other, rotating at the same time than the inner balls.
  • The closed tracks avoid losing the balls under your furniture when playing, and the openings on the tracks allow your cat to pat the balls.
  • This toy is perfect for encouraging your cat to play independently, or for multiple cats to enjoy playing together.

Key Info

  • Two 360º rotating tracks
  • Two balls
  • High-quality materials
  • Smart Game, interactive play
  • Non-slip base
  • 27 cm X 27 cm X 30 cm

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