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PetPlop - June 16 2020

Why Do Dogs Lick People?

why do dogs lick their owners and people

There are many reasons why a dog would lick someone. Licking is an instinctive behavior that dogs are born with. Dogs lick when happy, sad, or anxious. So why do dogs lick people?  

These are some of the most common reasons why your Fur Baby loves to give you big licks!

Fur-ever Love

The first thing a mother does for her puppy when born is to lick the puppy. It helps clear the pup’s nostrils so they can breathe and stimulate the blood flow. Licking improves their pack bonds with people and other dogs.


Dogs tend to use their nose and mouth to collect information. Sometimes they lick another dog's waste as a way to better understand what they're smelling or they may lick you to get some dirt or something smelly off your skin.  

Dogs lick to taste and collect information

Dogs lick people because you taste good


One of the biggest factors why dogs lick people is that you taste good. Our skin can be quite salty, or maybe we have some residue on it from the food we’ve just eaten, and this is something dogs love to explore.

Let’s Explore

Dogs are naturally inquisitive, and their tongues are packed with sensors. Helping them taste and smell a huge range of things after they lick you. Including where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing.

Hi Friend

In the wild, wolves lick their mother’s faces when they want food. Nowadays, dogs lick the mouth and face of other dogs when they meet to say hi.
Licking other’s mouths is used as a form of interacting and letting others know they mean no harm.  

why Dogs lick to communicate
Dogs lick owners to show love

Dogs lick to communicate and express their feelings

Health Alert 

If your dog is repeatedly licking the same spot, please visit a veterinarian. This could be related to anxiety or something related to sensitive skin or an allergic reaction

Endorphin Boost

When a dog licks us, we’ll tend to respond in a paw-sitive way, often paying attention to the dog and giving them a pet. When a dog licks and receives attention, it releases endorphins, helping them feel calm and comforted.

So, now that you know why dogs lick their owners, Why do you think your Fur Baby licks you?

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