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PetPlop - June 19 2020

Tips to keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

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Summer can be so much fun for our dogs, but as pet parents, we often ask ourselves of simple, easy and affordable ways to keep our Fur Friends cool and happy. 

We have collected our three best tips to keep your dog cool, our favorite two ingredients frozen treat, and a fun and cheap outdoor activity with your fur friends! 

For dogs to be comfortable and enjoy summer,
they need to regulate their body temperature.

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Dogs regulate their body temperature through their paws

Keep Your Dog Cool On Hot Summer Days!

Dogs don’t sweat as people do. Instead, they regulate their body temperature through their paws and by panting.

The best way to help our dogs keep cool on extra hot days is by wetting a bandanna, wringing it, out, and popping it in the freezer.

 Let it cool down for about 10-15 minutes and you will have a mini cooling mat.  Apply it to your pup’s paws and balance the excess heat from their bodies, keep your dog cool with this easy tip.

Oh, and humans can use this trick too! Just apply yours to the back of your neck! 

Yummy Healthy and nutritious healthy dog treats

Best homemade frozen banana yogurt dog treats

Make some yummy & healthy frozen dog treats!

The fastest way to a dog’s heart? Through the stomach, of course! Well, actually, this holds true for hoomans too…

Prepare our homemade, natural, and healthy frozen dog yogurt treats! And the best part, you only need two ingredients and hoomans can enjoy one too!

You only need one banana and one natural & unsweetened yogurt. Peel and mash the bananas, and mix it with the yogurt. Pour the mixture in some molds or recycle the yogurt cup, freeze for about 2-3 h, and Enjoy!  

Dog homemade easy recipe to keep dog cool in hot summer day

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Picnic At The Park With Your Dog!

Our favorite affordable and easy activity to do with our dogs on a hot Sunday afternoon is to have a Picnic at the Park.  Easy, fun, and cheap!

Just grab some yummy homemade treats for your dogs and some for you (Download our Free Homemade Treat Recipes E-book)

Don’t forget your Rescue Hero Water Bottle, and your dog portable water bottle. It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially on hot days.

A big towel where to sit, relax, and unwind, and your pup’s favorite tennis ball or Frisbee.  

Spending quality time and having fun with our fur babies is our daily motto, and with these simple treat, game, and activity ideas, we ensure creating amazing memories with our Rescue Hero Dogs!

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