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Rescue Hero Story:
Malu, Collecting Happy Moments!

What does your dog think

Becoming a Pet Parent is a very big step. Most of us have been thinking for years if we are ready to rescue a sweet soul and welcome them to our lives. Would I have enough time? Maybe I don't have enough space in my house?, Am I ready to become a Pet Parent? ...

But all the doubts go away when we meet our Fur Baby.

The one that we instantly feel an inexplicable connection, the one that with its amazing personality makes us smile, the one that from that very first moment, we create an unconditional love bound with. 

We asked our supaw friend if she could share with us how she found her Loving Family. 

This is her pawesome RESCUE HERO  Story on finding her Mom!

"Malu: the dog who saved my life
Since I was a little girl, I wanted a dog. But my parents always told me that I would only have one when I had my own house.

I grew up, moved out, and even so, living in such a busy city,
with a busy life,
in a small apartment,

I thought I'd be very selfish to have a dog just to keep me company for a few hours a day.

And that was my thinking for years.

One morning, on december 28th, I was having one of the worst depression crises of my life.
I was back home, and my dad said I should get a dog. 

The very next day, my mom flew back with me to the city I was living,

and we went to the only place we could find open between Christmas and New Years.

And there she was, 44 days old, looking at me at the corner of her eye, like she still does.

I knew she was the one.

"We (Mommy and Malu) share a whole new world :)" -

Malu has made me happier than any drug. Any therapy. Any treatment. She has made me a better person to myself and those around me.

She became my most intimate companion, and we share a lot more than just a few hours a day - we share a whole new world :)" - Malu & Mom 

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