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PetPlop -June 30 2020

Rescue Hero Story: Annie The Staffador

What does your dog think

Have you ever wondered what does your dog think? Or, What dogs feel about their parents?
We asked our supaw friend @annie_the_staffador if she could share with us how she found her Furever Home and loving family. 

This is her pawesome RESCUE HERO  Story on finding her Hoomans!

"Hi, I’m Annie and I’m a 1yr old Staffador (Staffy cross Labrador) from Sydney in Australia.

From the moment mumma saw me, she knew I was the one!

She said my captivating eyes and big paws stole her heart.

My hooman parents don’t live together anymore but that’s ok because it means I have more places to play and double the toys and treats!   

"We like to go on lots of adventures, but my favourite place is the beach.

I love to chase the waves and swim in the ocean." - @annie_the_staffador

Because I’m so hyperactive as I’m still a puppy, my mumma lives for enrichment toys and treats.

She spends so much time coming up with new ideas and recipes and planning and stuffing all my treats.

I’m so grateful for all the toys and enrichment she gives me when she goes to work.

 She must really love me because she always gives me cuddles and kisses and sometimes she lets me sneak into the house and watch tv on the couch with her."

"I always wear my big Staffy grin with pride because I really love my life!"
- @annie_the_staffador

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