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PetPlop - July 1 2020

Pet Owner vs Pet Parent 

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You adopted a pet and welcome him or her to a loving family, you provide them shelter, medical care, and more. But, what makes you a Pet Owner or a Pet Parent? Is there any difference?

Well, Pet Owners believe they own their pets, reinforcing the concept of Ownership of a dog, cat, or any other adorable Friend. While Pet Parents consider our pets as members of our family, but more importantly we view our role as a mom or dad of our pets.

Pet Owners and Pet Parents both love our pets and are committed to take care of them, providing them all they need. We all share our love for our pets, but let’s discuss these two concepts and determine the main differences.  

What does it mean to be a Pet Owner?

Definition of 'pet owner' > (pɛt ˈəʊnə) a person who owns a pet. 

 This term has been used for years describing people who have a pet in their lives but have a sense of ownership over them.

Being a Pet Owner carries with it the responsibilities a human being has to a pet whom they consider belonging to them. 

Pet parenting

What does it mean to be a Pet Parent? 

Definition of Pet Parent > noun. a person who looks after a pet animal.

This term is used to say we regard our pets as members of our families, and we view our role as their parents and not their owners.

Being a pet parent is a term that focuses on the human being more than the dog.  

What does it mean to be a Pet Parent?
What does it mean to be a Pet Parent?

Main differences between Pet Owner and Pet Parent 

So, what are the main differences between Pet Owner and Pet Parent? Let’s find out! 

  • Pet Owners would use the pet’s name, while Pet Parents Call to their them My Baby.  
  • Pet Owners refer themselves as a “Dog owner”, “Cat Owner” or every other pet. And Pet Parents refer to themselves as Dog Mom, Cat Dad, Meowmy, or jus Mommy and Daddy. 
  • Pet Owners feed their dogs. While Pet Parents read every article about homemade food, nutritious treats, and healthy snacks to provide the best for their babies
  • Pet Owners usually don’t travel with their pets, while Pet Parents always try to find pet-friendly destinations for their Vacays. 
  • Pet Owners don’t usually celebrate their Pet’s birthdays. While Pet Parents organize supaw fun pawrties with Cake included  for their Rescue Hero Baby!
  • Pet Owners spoil their pets with treats, while Pet Parents spoil their kids with gourmet treats, all kinds of toys, pamper sessions with paw balms and paw-dicures.
  • Pet Owners talk to their pets in a neutral tone. While Pet Parents, baby talk to them, especially when cuddling!

We all love pets and care for their well-being, however, some consider pets as possessions, and others consider pets as our Rescue Hero babies.

So, now that you know a bit more about the differences between pet ownership vs pet parenting, you can decide which one fits best your parenting style!   

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