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How To Take Professional Pet Photos

How To Take Professional Pet Photos

We know how hard it can be to take a very nice picture of your Furry and Whiskered Friends. They challenge our skills by not looking at the camera, running up and down, hiding from us… 

Sometimes it can be very difficult to capture their unimaginable adorableness. Would you like to know how professional photographers do? Check these eight tips. 

1. Time It Well

If you want some action shots, have your photoshoot when your pup or kitty has more energy. Usually morning hours for our Furry Friends, and afternoon for our Whiskered Friends. 

 But, if you want a serene portrait, make sure it is before nap time or right after it. 

best tips to take professional dog pictures pet photography

2. Practice

The click and flash of a camera can scare our Furry and Whiskered Friends at first. 

Let your friend give the camera a good sniff, then start casually shooting. Don't forget to keep things natural and relaxed to avoid undesired anxiety.

3. Take Lots Of Pictures

The more pictures we take, the more chances to get one amazing of our pup or kitty. 

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4. Turn Off The Flash

Most amateur photographers do best with warm, natural sunlight. Shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day.

For indoor shots, you’ll probably need a flash. You’ll get a more natural-looking shot if you use an off-camera flash and swivel it upward so the light’s bouncing off the ceiling.

If it’s day time, open the curtains and let the light flood the room.

5. Get On Their Level

Get on their level and take pictures from different angles for more interesting shots. Take photos from above, below, in front, behind! Use your creativity to produce different photos that highlight their personalities. 

How to take best cat photos professional photographer advice

6. Pay Attention To Background

Simple backgrounds, like a white sandy beach or green trees, will make your Furry or Whiskered Friend stand out.

Pay attention to color, too– don’t choose a background with a similar color than your pup or kitty, it is best to choose one that highlights all their cuteness.

7. Use some help

An easy way to get that big grin is to use their favorite squeaky toy for our Furry Friends; and a catnip toy or wand for our Whiskered Friends

Take advantage of their playtime and capture their fun and happy faces.

cat toy

8. Get Creative And Playful

Photograph them upside-down, in profile, at 45-degree angles. Get even closer so you get the full effect of that long, wet nose.

Don’t get hung up on perfection; the best shots are often spontaneous. 

Extra tip: Post-process your Photo

Remember that post-processing your photos can make a huge difference. Since even trying our best when taking our pictures, more often than not, there is not sufficient light, or the contrast is low. 

 take best dog photo professional tips


However, you are the one that best knows your Furry or Whiskered Friend. Use their schedule and plan your photoshoots accordingly, use their favorite toy to catch their attention, but most importantly, have fun and get creative! 

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