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Training and Playing with you Furry Friend?

Our Portable Woven Linen Tug Toy is your answer!

Dogs are a gift to mankind as they are one of the most loyal and adorable creatures. Whether it be a cute little Pomeranian or a beautiful Golden Labrador, the wagging tails and puppy dog eyes can make even the hardest of hearts melt.  One of the best things about having dogs as pets is the fact that they don’t ask for much more than love and affection.

However, dogs are very different from humans and it is important to socialize and train dogs to make them adapt to our part of the world. And how exactly you can go about this has been explained further.

The Importance of Training Dogs

 The importance of training dogs cannot be stressed enough as dogs may be friendly creatures but they also need to know what behavior is right and wrong. It is a good idea to train your puppies right from an early age, say about 3-17 weeks when they can learn things faster and can socialize better with other animals.

 Ideally, one should train their dog via positive reinforcement. This means that you encourage rightful behavior in your dog by rewarding the actions that you think are right and seem fit. For instance, if you do not want your dog to jump at guests as they enter, then you need to ignore them when they start jumping on them and if they sit and greet the guest then reward them with a treat. This will help the dog understand that this is the right kind of behavior for them.

 It is important to note that you must not shout or hit the dog to show them what is right. This may make the dog think that this behavior is right as you are giving them some form of attention for it. It is best to just ignore the dog so that they know that what they are doing is wrong.

 Positive reinforcement training not only makes the dog well-equipped as pets but it also strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog. It encourages a more positive bonding between the two, built on love and trust, rather than on fear and force. This will ensure a healthy relationship between you and your dog and make them better pets.

The Features of Training a Dog

 There are lots of factors to consider while training your dog. You need to know the dog’s breed, what you want from the dog specifically and what are the dog’s own habits and limitations. Most people tend to not understand factors like age, breed, sensitivity, environment, and temperament. But these are all very important to know before you begin their training.

 There are two kinds of training: one is called positive reinforcement that has already been explained above. And the other type is alpha dog training.

 Positive reinforcement makes use of techniques like treats, toys, games, clickers, verbal cues and hand signals to correct bad habits. The idea is to let the dog realize with these positive reinforcements that this is the right thing to do in these circumstances. While this is a good way of training your dog, it is also important that you don’t misuse this step or else the dog may end up doing whatever it likes. If you see the dog chasing the mailman and you tell them, “Good dog, no need to bark”, they will not understand the point as the dog will see this as attention and will probably keep barking at the mailman. Rather you need to show them that is wrong to bark at the mailman by completely ignoring the dog’s behavior. It is important to use this training method properly to create a strong bond with the dog but at the same time to also keep their habits in check.

 This method might take some time but it is highly effective in the long run and has been known to train even the toughest of dog breeds.

 In the other approach, the alpha dog training method, one uses a bit of force and tools to train the dog. Some tools that are used in this method include electronic collars, prong collars and choke chains.

 If you would rather train by hand than using any tools, there are other methods like alpha rolls where you pin the dog to the floor or squeeze their hand lightly. You can also keep doing something to the dog that it doesn’t like so that it understands that this behavior is wrong.

 This approach is a bit physical in nature and may instill fear in the pet. But it depends on how you enforce it. If you are not too violent or physical with the dog and merely train him in the right manner, it could work faster and better than the positive reinforcement. However, the best solution is to use both the methods correctly, in moderation and by mixing the two when required.

 This is especially true, if say, you want to take the dog out for hunting. In such circumstances, it is better to use both a little bit of forceful action as well as positive treats to make the dog behave in the correct manner towards you and other humans as well as other animals. Do not let them chase squirrels and other animals but make them keep their eye on the target and then later treat them when they do the right thing.

 A mixture of these two training methods will help keep in check unruly behavior like stealing food, jumping on people, run after cats and other animals, knocking over animals, people, and things and pulling the leash.

What is A Dog Bite Tug Toy?

 As part of this training process for your dog, an ideal tool would be a Dog Bite Tug Toy. This is an especially useful tool if your dog tugs at your clothes and other home furniture and ends up causing a lot of destruction. This kind of behavior is normal for most dogs, especially as puppies when they are in the process of teething. Thus it is better to use a proper tool like the Dog Bite Tug to ensure that they do not cause any destruction but can also grind their teeth and learn to be obedient. This kind of dog bite tug will help the dog understand what is right to tug on and will also instill in the dog a greater sense of drive. The dog will learn the meaning of run and fetch which can be useful in other circumstances as well, such as retrieving the paper.

Tug War Toy for Puppy

 Our Portable Woven Linen Tug Toy is made of durable linen material that is sturdy and perfect for any kind of dog breed, be it a German shepherd or a Labrador pup. It can also be used for training police dogs like the K9 unit as it is a strong and effective mechanism.

 This dog bite tug is better than rubber balls and other tools to train your dog how to fetch and be obedient as the material will not harm the dog’s teeth and will also help them find it easily due to its length. The Dog Bite Tug has 2 sturdy nylon handles and an anti-clip handle for multiple uses and is designed for long-term usage. Its sturdy jute material makes sure that you and the dog can both tug on it from each end and it will not break or bend.

 It is better to start off puppies with longer dog tug bites that are more elastic and then once the dog is bigger, get them a short tug bite as their teeth will be sharper. The small Dog Bite Tug also has a padded pillow that is 10"(29cm) long and 7"(19cm) high, so it is easy to carry around and you can play with your dog in the park or anywhere outside. This dog bite tug product is one of the most durable and long-lasting products that are perfect to strengthen the dog’s teeth, teach obedience, create drive and make the dog learn the concept of fetch. It is also a great mechanism to play with and create a bond with your pet.

How to Train Your Puppy with Dog Bite Tug

 The Dog Bite Tug can be used for small dogs and puppies as well as big breeds and older dogs. The material is not tough and is easy on the dog’s teeth as it is made of easily woven linen that is durable and ideal for all kinds of dogs.

 If you have a puppy, it is a good idea to get a long Dog Bite Tug so that the puppy can bite it for longer and strengthen and shape their teeth. The long Dog Bite Tug for puppies comes in different sizes ranging from 32cm in length and 7cm in width. There are also other Dog Bite Tugs that are 30cm in length and 5cm in width as well as others that are 25cm in length and 5cm in width. Also since puppies are more playful and interactive and need to be socialized more, this long dog bite tug will help keep it busy and make it more obedient. It will make the puppy realize what is the characteristic behavior towards others and whether it is right to run and fetch the toy or not.

 Since the material is light, even if you accidentally throw it on the puppy’s head, it will not get hurt. A two-month-old puppy is when it is the perfect time to start training and socializing it with a dog bite tug.

 And it is good to treat the puppy when it obeys your command and fetches the dog bite tug. This will help it realize that this is the right way to behave. You can even give it the Dog bite tug for longer so that it can enjoy tugging and biting it. It will see this as a reward and will behave in a similar manner the next time as well.

 The puppy will learn to be more obedient with this dog bite tug and will understand commands better. This will help your puppy become less aggressive towards others even and will also help in making the puppy listen to you. This kind of obedience training not only helps the puppy become more interactive but also creates a more active and playful companion for you.

 Since the material is high-quality, there will be no side-effects and even if you accidentally hit it against your own body while attempting to throw it, you will not get hurt. This is the best part about this Dog Bite Tug as it is perfect in helping a puppy become a more responsible and active dog as well as create a strong bond between the puppy and the owner.

How to Train an Adult Dog with a Small Dog Bite Tug

 As the puppy grows up, it will become faster and faster and thus the long dog bite tug will not work from them anymore. Therefore, it is better to get adult dogs a small Dog Bite Tug so that it makes it more challenging for them to grasp it and thus keeps them interested and active. A small Dog Bite Tug with handles will make them increase both their stamina and speed and instill more drive in them. These small dog bite tugs have a length of 26cm and 19cm height thus making it more difficult to hold onto. It comes in white and black colors and the handles are black.

 It will also help sharpen their teeth. The idea is to make sure that the dog does not hold onto the tug and you move it away fast so that they can run and fetch it. The Dog Bite Tug comes with 3 handles attached as explained above and this will be perfect for the adult dog as it will not be able to completely grasp the bite and you can throw it for them to fetch. The idea is to first grasp the middle handle and seize it so that the dog cannot grab it and then to hold onto the side handles and let the dog tug at it.

 The sturdy nylon handles make it easier for you to hold and throw it as far as possible and the anti-slip handle makes it better for long-term usage, ensuring it never gets spoilt. The jute and linen material also make it strong enough for the adult dog but does not provide any discomfort to the dog’s teeth and will not tear apart.

 It is better to train your adult dogs with such small Portable Bite Tugs so that they can become more observant and obedient and can also learn to respect you. Once they fetch the Dog Bite Tug, reward them with a treat or a rub-down. They will love the Dog Bite Tug game and you even more after this. The idea is to instill a mixture of positive and alpha training with the help of a small Dog bite Tug product that is readily available and completely safe.


Dug Tug War Toy

 The Dog Bite Tug is perfect for training your dog for all of the reasons explained above but also due to the fact that is a fun and quick manner to instill a great drive and active passion in your dog. It is better to start your puppy off with a Dog Bite Tug right from the beginning so that it can be an active doggy from the start itself.

 This Dog Bite Tug is perfectly agile and durable so it will last longer and you can use it for as many dogs as possible. You can choose from whatever length and breadth you want and can also pick from the available colors. It will help make your dog’s teeth as sharp as possible and help them grind their teeth in the best possible manner. The crafty workmanship and the close industrial suture ensure that the Dog Bite Tug does not fall apart while playing and remains sturdy even with the toughest of dogs, including police dogs such as the K9.

 You will be playing with your dog for a long time using this Dog Bite Tug and will also make your dog one of the fittest and happiest pets. It is one of the perfect tools to make you and your dog happy and make playtime a fun yet learning experience. Watch as your pup comes running to you to play with the Dog Bite Tug and you will never have to worry whether your dog will be lazy and unfit. Create some great memories and moments with this Dog Bite Tug today and enjoy some fun-filled times with your pet! 


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