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Coronavirus and our Furry & Whiskered Friends

Coronavirus and our Furry & Whiskered Friends


A relief to pet owners: there’s no evidence that companion animals such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus as of now, according to the World Health Organization


Health experts say pets aren’t contracting or spreading the virus, but ask all pet owners to follow some general measures to stay safe. “Apart from maintaining good hygiene practices, pet owners need not be overly concerned and under no circumstances should they abandon their pets,” the government of Hong Kong said. It did suggest that if members of a family were sick with the virus, they might want to consider quarantining their pets.


corona virus measures for pets


Pet lovers are concerned about their companions contracting or spreading the coronavirus, but from what experts know now, there’s little risk of that. Precaution, although not face masks, is advised.

Here are tips offered by the Global Veterinary Community:  

    • Take precautions similar to common flu prevention.
    • Seek out reliable sources for updated information.
    • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the CDC recommends you minimize contact with your human and animal companions.
    • Identify a family member or friend who can care for your pet.
    • Have a travel bag ready: crates, food, and extra supplies, including medications, on hand for quick movement of the pet. Two weeks’ worth of food, medicine, and other supplies is recommended. A pet first-aid kit is also good to have for any unplanned situation.
    • Ensure your animal’s vaccines are up-to-date in case boarding becomes necessary.
    • Document all medications with dosages and administering directions, including prescriptions from your veterinarian if a refill becomes necessary.
    • Pets should have identification such as an ID tag on their collar and a microchip. 


coronavirus measurments for cat and dog

Please check the following links for more reliable information, and stay safe and healthy.

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