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PetPlop - June 17 2020

Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

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The rivalry between cats and dogs is very well-known all around the world, many pet owners believe that the two species can't get along due to their differences.

You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘they fight like cats and dogs’, but can cats and dogs get along? Would my dog and cat be friends?

Many pet parents believe that the two species can’t get along and that it’s just a simple case of them being too different from one another.

Dogs are vivacious and full of energy, while cats are known calms and peaceful.
 Is this the actual reason behind their hostile relationship?

Cat vs Dog, Mixed messages

There are some cases where opposites attract, however, this doesn’t seem to work with cats and dogs.

The main reason why cat and dog socialization might be difficult lays in their personalities and the way the two animals develop harmonious friendships. Cat and dog body language often mean different things.

For example, what a dog means with a high tail and head is that they’re challenging the other individual, while in cats is a signal that they want to be friends.

And a wagging tail also means the opposite thing in the two species, as the swishing back and forth of a tail can indicate a happy and excitable dog, but a very angry cat. 

Dogs lick to taste and collect information

Cat and dog best friends sleeping 

Why do cats and dogs fight?

The most effective way of making your cat and dog friends is to start with the right introductions. Cats are quite unforgiving in their nature and are less likely to be open to the situation if it goes badly, so it’s very important that the first encounter goes well.

Be patient, take your time, and be prepared. Let them sniff each other before meeting face-to-face by using their bedding or something else that they frequently use.

This will allow them to familiarize themselves and get used to each other and will make the first meeting less stressful. 

How to introduce cat to dog

There are a few things you can do to try and make the situation less stressful for them both.

First, make sure that you give your cat a safe area to escape to like their house or a box high up where your dog can’t reach. This will give them a safe and quiet place where to hide and avoid being intercepted by the dog.

Dogs are known for their joyous personalities and sometimes this can be overwhelming for your cat, so these quiet areas will help to make your cat much more open to becoming friends. 

cats and dogs do not get along
socialising cats and dogs can cats and dogs bond

cat and dog can be best friends

Cat and dog best friends

Dogs are full of energy for that reason, daily exercise is necessary to avoid having a bored pup and an angry cat.

The best tip for having a cat and dog BFF is to make sure you exercise them frequently and schedule in plenty of play time, especially during the initiation process.

Remember that it takes time, patience, and planning. A cat and dog friendship won’t just happen overnight.

But don’t give up, adopt and rescue a little kitten or a senior dog. It ’s all about making the right first impressions and giving them plenty of time to adjust and soon you will say, my cat and dog are best friends!

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