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4 Benefits of Homemade Treats

4 Benefits of Homemade Treats

Many pet owners researching a healthy diet for their pups and kitties are interested in learning more about homemade treats, since different researches have shown the harass conservatives and dangerous additives found on commercial pet food.

Although, making homemade cat or dog treats might seem like a big undertaking to some, the truth is that they’re as simple as whipping up a batch of your own favorite cookies in most cases. And, best of all, you know exactly what goes into your tasty homemade treats, avoiding unwanted additives and conservatives. 

So what are other benefits of homemade treats over store-bought ones? 

1. Homemade Treats are Safer

When we make our own treats, we know exactly what goes on them, since we recommend preparing them with chemical-free ingredients. 

Chemicals and preservatives found in commercialized dog treats can actually harm dogs according to research. Some studies suggest that the chemicals found in many commercial treats, snacks and food products, impede good behavior, due to the way the chemicals interact with a dog’s delicate brain. In some studies, researchers have also found that chemicals contained in commercialized dog snacks can even cause aggressive behavior. 

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What are the chemicals we should watch out for? 

  • BHA
  •  BHT
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Sodium Metabisulfite
  • TBHQ

Please avoid these chemical ingredients, many are known carcinogens and can also cause liver and kidney problems, loss of consciousness, brain damage, and life-threatening asthma. 

2. Homemade Treats are Healthier

A lot of different dog treats are full of saturated fats. Homemade treats are made with ingredients that contain less fat than store-bought snacks. Fat-free or reduced-fat snacks will not only help your pet have a healthier heart but will also help decrease the chances of obesity. 

Many homemade snacks can also be made with ingredients that help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean, include ingredients that enhance your dog’s shiny coat or improve the overall health of their digestive tract.


3. Homemade Treats are Cheaper

Baking homemade treats are an inexpensive option to provide your pet with a little snack. It always saves money to buy ingredients in bulk or use ingredients that are commonly found in your pantry. 

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4. Homemade Treats are Tastier

The best part of homemade treats is that you get to choose which ingredients you put in them, and why not, add that favorite flavor into them. Maybe your pup isn’t into beef, but he loves some bacon. Or maybe your kitty isn’t a fan of chicken but loves salmon. Customize your recipes to adjust them to your baby’s taste. 


Ready to Spoil your Furry or Whiskered Friend with some yummy, healthy and tasty homemade natural treats? 

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