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An Ultimate Dog Size Reference Chart

An Ultimate Dog Size Reference Chart

When looking for a new accessory, jacket or harness, we need to measure our pup correctly so our fur-baby is comfortable wearing it. 

These are just average sizes based on breed. Only you know if your dog is bigger or smaller, skinnier or pudgier than the typical breed. Also, females in certain breeds tend to be significantly smaller than the males; and, another thing to take into consideration is if you have a mixed breed.

We recommend you measure your fur-baby so you make sure to choose the correct size for him.

How to measure your Furry Friend

  • Chest: Measure the thickest part of the chest (usually behind the two front legs). You should select the size of the chest at least 3~5Cm (1~2 Inch) larger than your dog's chest girth.
  • Neck: Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck.
  • Body Length: The measurement from the base of the neck to the base of the tail along the dog’s backbone. Make sure your dog is standing properly, not sitting or laying down.

how to measure a dog

  • If your pet has a stout build, a deep chest or is overweight, we recommend going up a minimum of one size for a proper fit.
  • If your measurement falls between two sizes, determine the correct size based on how loose or tight your measurement is, a comfortable fit is preferred, not a tight restricting fit.

Reference Size Chart 

dog size reference chart by breed

Every dog is different in size and shape, so please make sure that you measure and double-check the sizing of your fur-baby before making a size selection.

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